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  • What is DisMoi ?

    DisMoi is a name of original unique jewelry brand made with the method of HEARTZ and Terahertz processing.

    Brand Concept

    Naming of DisMoi

    Are you aware of a neurofrequency helps the balance of cells in our body? This frequency is inherent in our body and usually maintains the proper function of the body. In french DisMoi means ”Tell me more about you" comes from which DisMoi promotes health and deeply communicates with our body.

    Modulating Muscles in Nano-Level

    Body Conditioning and frequency

    However, our bodies often tend to lose this frequency balance mainly because of our unsettled lifestyle or environmental frequency noise. So result causes various health disturbances.

    Conditioning the body for flexible movement, athletes always require the best balance of body frequency. Thus the idea of adjusting neurofrequency in our body comes into The DisMoi brand.

  • Meet DisMoi

    Hong Kong

    Jewellery Fair in Hong Kong

    14-18. Sep. 2018

    in Convention Center


    Japan Jewellery Fair

    28-30 . Aug .2018

    in Tokyo Big Sight

    first time in Moscow

    Jewellery Fair

    Feb .2019

    in Russia Moscow

  • Core Technology of DisMoi

    About HEARTZ & Terahertz Processing

    HEARTZ Processing

    Our original "Heartz Infusion Technology" processing adjust disturbances of the neuro-frequencies in the body.

    As a result, it allows you to gain the power function in the muscles.

    Terahertz Processing

    Terahertz vital wave has a 100 times longer wavelength than fan infrared rays and it oscillates one trillion ( 1 terra ) times per second, therefore it effectively enters into the deepest parts of our bodies. Our system stably produces this Terahertz wave by applying [ high temperature heats ], [ compression], and [electromagnetic treatment ] procedures.


    Our product is made from material that is sympathetic to the body such as Black Silica, Titanium, Matera Stone, etc.

    These materials helps necklace affects the neuro-frequency that controls our entire body and

    activates the whole of the body's metabolism. As a result, it heighten spontaneous cure to the muscles.


  • Processing

    step 1

    Create the necklace

    All parts are Japanese made products.

    Step 2

    Heartz Processing

    irradiates a resonance frequency to the material.

    Step 3

    Terahertz Processing

    irradiates Terahertz wave.

    Step 4

    DisMoi Completed

    A serial number is set for each product.

  • Testimonials

    T.M. Mr.

    47 years old

    I felt warmth around the neck where my pain causes after one day I purchased. Then I suddenly started to feel like my blood circulation improve better. If I take it off from the body, I start feeling cold. Now I can't let go of it.

    M.H. Mr.

    42 years old

    I started to use DisMoi since 7 years ago, when I had tough days for mountaineering. After wearing DisMoi, my feet pain relief immediately, and my breathing feel easier even at the high altitude. It was pretty amazing experience !

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    Product Warranty

    Length of Warranty is 1 year from the purchased date.

    At DisMoi, we offer a warranty on all our jewelry, covering damage, loss of wires, and loss of parts from the original mounting under the normal use for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Your jewelry must be brought to us alongside this warranty card in order for the warranty to be valid. After this period, shipment and repair cost will be charged.

    Product Availability

    Where you can purchase DisMoi Product.

    You can purchase DisMoi products only at website : http://www.dis-moi.jp ( Japanese site ) or contact directly to Daiko International Co., Ltd. Tel no. +81(03)-5806-5811 (Tokyo Office ), otherwise submit your contact information through the above contact form.

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